The stars and their vast skies will scatter in wonder this Summer 2024. Each Star has its own radiance, just like you. The stars are all the energy you need in the five time zones of Leap Summer 2024.

Milestones in 2024

Half of 2024 is behind us, leaving something behind. The second half of 2024 brings new opportunities. The turning points, as the year turns on its way, are all those threads you still want, need for the most beautiful shade of your dress and those new threads coming your way.

A star in every time zone on your most beautiful summer outfit, for beautiful, special, grand events, it has all the right stitches, threads, measurements, colours for your light, hopeful and confident step. For all the waves that are coming. For all the wisdom this summer brings. For all the horizons you have to experience in this special dress of yours.

In every time zone, the star opens all those closed doors, all those traveled paths, the ones that had everything and the steps were lost, stopped, lost, sleepless nights, questions, silence, loneliness, doubts about yourself, about the story, about the person in front of you. In each time zone, a star changes its main task because time changes it. But they are all intertwined, as they always are on our paths. This summer, the fate of the leap year is a little more.

The stars have always been the protectors of the sky. 5 of them will need to be activated this summer so that the happiness found, experienced, is kept or found again, in the story, in you or to you, if this is your step to enter the leap summer cycle of 2024.

Set of 88 Charts

At some point in our lives, in an era, in a time zone, I believe that we have all found ourselves in the midst of questions that we have not received answers to, but that we have wanted so much. Often, out of all the questions, one always stood out, where we were interested in everything very directly, nothing in general.

We also wondered what someone above us was trying to tell us, thought about what someone else would do in our place… How many times have we all needed a prediction of what is going on, maybe just a guideline, a hint ?

To prevent this from happening again, I have prepared the first special Universe Number Ritual Algorithm, which contains a set of 88 cards with messages predicting events within each time zone of the Summer of 2024. This will be my gift to you when you activate each Star.

The prediction itself cannot be obtained independently because each card is linked to each Star.

It will always be based on your date of birthwhich the algorithm will have already remembered when you enter the data for each Star, and will continue with your energy of the moment, of the time, of the minute, of the decision, when you stop the button/select the card, when the Universe opens the way to your question or guides you on your own path with a prediction.

From now on, you will never wait for answers again, because this Summer they will be in the form of special message universe cards. The messages in the maps are available in three languages – SLO, ENG, CRO.

Summer 2024; the time of all those intertwined lucky stars, the messages I see on your side of the sun.